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Reach the Customers You're Not Getting, But Should Be

The world is more diverse than ever before. Diversity is not a fad. It’s here to stay and tapping into new market segments means big business. Learn the 7 steps that will help you grow your sales and profits and build loyalty with new customers, today and tomorrow.

About How to Market to People Not Like You


If you could grow your business simply marketing to your existing customers, making money would be a cakewalk. But to generate new revenue, you have to win over the customers you’re not getting. Who are these mystery customers? How are they different from your current clientele? Most importantly, how do you forge a bond with them across these differences?

The #7 Bestselling Business Book of 2011!


"How to Market to People Not Like You"is a 2011 Business Book BestsellerAfter frequent appearances on the monthly list, the book came in at #7 on the 2011 ranking by Inc. magazine and leading business book reseller 800-CEO-READ. The annual rankings are based on total sales numbers, as well as length of time and rank on the monthly list.

Meet Kelly McDonald


Kelly McDonald is president of

McDonald Marketing, named one

of the top ad agencies in the U.S. by

Advertising Age.  Despite her

blond hair and blue eyes, Kelly

is an expert in multicultural marketing and marketing to consumer values.  She has been featured on CNBC, in BusinessWeek, on and on Sirius/XM Radio.

About How to Market to People Not Like You




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Why do you need "Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You"?

The “customer experience” matters today more than it ever has. Why? Because consumers not only have more choices, they have big voices. Customers now can let the whole world know how satisfied - or dissatisfied – they are in doing business with you. And because customers have so many choices and ways to get the products or service they want, they gravitate to those businesses that make them feel comfortable – the ones that seem to “get them”.

How do you demonstrate that you “get” your customers? It’s not about providing good customer service. That’s a given. It’s about creating a customer experience that makes the customer feel acknowledged, valued and seen for who they are and what they need.


Different customers want different experiences. A 75-year old customer may want significantly more face-to-face interaction, a “live person” to talk with, than a 25-year old customer, who just wants the ability to do everything online. A mom may have different needs than a woman who is not a mom. Someone who lives in a large city may define great customer experience as “fast and efficient” while someone who lives in a small town would define it as “personable”. Men often like to have their choices simplified and narrowed for them, whereas women like to see expansive choices and all the available options.


Knowing and understanding differences in customer wants, needs and expectations can help you grow your business and increase customer loyalty.



How a few simple "tweaks"to your customer approach can pay big dividends in increased sales

How to think like people "not like you", so you can better serve diverse customers

How to build social media into the customer experience in a meaningful way

How your employees can kill your business, unless they know how to serve customer who aren't like them

Consumer insights and customer service nuances for key customer groups, including Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Matures, Women, Moms, Men, African-Americans, Asians, HIspanics/Latinos, Gays & Lesbians and more

The sever principles for crafting a customer experience for people not like you

What Business Leaders Are Saying About Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You

The word is out about Kelly's uniquely effective approach to reaching diverse customers. See what other leaders in the industry are saying...

"I've known Kelly for more than two decades and she has always provided strong, sales oriented marketing insights. In our business, we need to build the brand, but we need to generate sales day in and day out, too. Kelly understands this and knows how to target consumers with marketing strategies that work and drive sales."


Mark Barnes, COO, Volkswagen of America

"Kelly was my boss at my first job after graduating from college. She taught me how to put into action marketing priciples I'd learned in school, to generate real results for our clients. Today, I still use the strategies and approaches I learned from her to move Nike's business forward."


- Marc Patrick, North America Brand Director, Athletic Training/Field Sports, Nike

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