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MVMT Tests Out Snapchat's Sponsored Geofilters As An Advertising Tool

Snapchat has been working with brands like Chanel, Nike, and LVMH to create custom video ads, but until now these campaigns have been expensive for smaller brands. Now, Snapchat is making it easier for brands of all sizes to reach their customers with sponsored geofilters.

Watch brand MVMT, which has grown largely through social media, was among the first brands to try it out. It works like this: A brand can purchase a geofilter that will appear in a specific area for a certain amount of time. Users in the area will have the option to include that geofilter in their snaps.

MVMT bought a geofilter for Times Square on New Year's Eve that included a special discount code. While the brand has been leveraging social media in more organic ways since it launched in 2013, this allows the brand to be more deliberate in who it targets. And since pricing is variable depending on where and when the geofilter is activated, even small brands can afford to try it out.

MVMT also beta tested Instagram's new platform that allows users to shop directly from the app by clicking on the image. Together, these two strategies have boosted the brand's sales.

Source: FastCompany

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