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Are Baby Boomers Killing Facebook? Three Things Going Extinct

Baby boomers are the next generation on the verge of retiring now. Everyone blames millennials for the decline of beer, napkins and restaurant chains – but they're not the only generation with blood on their hands! We took a look at what the baby boomer generation is killing.

1. The Early Bird Special

First on our list is the early bird special. As of late, baby boomers reject the idea of being "seniors", as those early bird specials make them feel old. Subsequently, many restaurants are losing the term "early bird" in favor of euphemisms like "sunset menu" or "twilight menu." Whatever you call it, it's still old people eating cheap food.

2. The Housing Market

The second casualty on our list is the housing marketing. According to Trulia, people 55 and older own 53 percent of U.S. owner-occupied houses – and they're not ready to downsize anytime soon. says this takes around 33-million homes off the market. No wonder so many millennials still live in their parents’ basements – there’s lots of room there!

3. Facebook

And the final victim on our list is Facebook. That's right – baby boomers are killing it for the other generations. Their method of murder? They're choking it to death! Digital Trends says boomers are 19 percent more likely to share content than other generations. We’re pretty sure we've all had it up to here with Aunt Sharon's cat pictures.

Millennials have become the world's go-to villains, accused of killing dozens of industries.

But as it turns out, it’s the not-so-new generation that's doing its share of destruction. That's right, we're looking at you, baby boomers!


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