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Company wants to help you 'brainwash' your spouse through targeted ads

Of course it's none of my business, but maybe things aren't going so great at home. Perhaps your love life just isn't what it used to be.

Now I'm no psychologist, but my advice would be to talk; really open the lines of communication to work out any issues you might be experiencing in your relationship. But apparently that's not for everyone.

If you just don't feel like talking, one company wants to help you "brainwash" your spouse with targeted ads, meant to change their minds. And Facebook's right there to help make it happen.

Personal manipulation through adtech

So let's say a husband is not happy that his wife no longer wants to take part in ... physical relations. So instead of talking about it with her, he can now use the same strategy as the big advertising companies. He can target her with online ads.

A company called The Spinner in the U.K. has an interesting twist to targeted advertising. They'll let you use online ads in ways you never thought of, such as a husband buying ads on Facebook, Instagram and other websites. And these ads will then suggest ways to rekindle the romance. And it'll only cost $30.

You can pay this company to target anyone you know with any number of campaigns like, why it's a good idea to buy your kid a dog, or that you should get a new job. They'll even champion interventions like trying to get someone to stop riding motorcycles or to quit smoking.

And it all starts with an innocent-looking text. But once the "target" gets the text and clicks on the accompanying link, a cookie attaches itself to the phone and lets the ads commence in full force.

What to look for if you think someone has ads meant only for you

First of all, did you get a strange text recently? That would be your first sign.

And as far as ads go, you're probably already getting all kinds of targeted ads based on your interests and places you shop. That's just how things go. But if you start seeing very specific ads, seemingly out of the blue, take a closer look at the subject matter. Is an ad - or a lot of ads - telling you ways to initiate sex? That's the Spinner's most popular campaign.

Here in the digital age, we have many alternatives to IRL face-to-face communication. This isn't one we should be proud of.


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