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Thando Hopa Makes History as she Graces Vogue Cover

Thando Hopa is flying the South African flag higher as she graces the April cover of Vogue Portugal. The international model, lawyer and activist makes history as she becomes the first woman with albinism to grace the cover of Vogue.

Revealing on their Twitter account, the April issue dubbed, Africa Motherland, is "dedicated to origins and Africa, as the cradle of humanity".

Hopa also shared the exciting news and admits this is a dream come true.

Taking to her IG account, she wrote: "I once said to a close friend that it would really be lovely to see a woman with albinism on a Vogue Cover, I would not have imagined that that woman would be me. "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

I'm emotional, because I see progress and get to form part of a progressive story and narrative. I got to a place in my career where I appreciate every specimen of my body and knowing that whenever I go, my existence, the way it is has always and will always be enough," she wrote.


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