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New Survey Says Gen-Z and Millennials Don't Feel Their Peers are Taking COVID-19 Seriously

Data by Fullscreen, a social content company that supports both brands and creators, reveals the majority of Gen Z and millennials don’t feel that their generation is taking COVID-19 seriously.

Although 81% say they are following CDC guidelines and taking precautions to mitigate the spread of the virus, almost 63% say that they are not seeing the same level of commitment from others in their generation. Fullscreen surveyed a panel of over 500 18 to 36-year-olds to determine their behaviors, habits and emotions when it comes to coping with the “new normal” of COVID-19. Among the findings, the company found the following: Young Americans feel a mix of emotions during quarantine – #1 is anxious (18%) and #2 is motivated/irritated (10%).

They are also feeling a lot of stress across the board – from their physical health (43%), work (41%) their finances (39%) and their social life (39%). Females are more likely to be stressed about finances and mental health than men.

Gen Z and millennials are coping with stress by watching TV/Movies (53%), browsing social media (45%) and doing chores (43%). The #1 genre they turn to is Comedy, ahead of several other genres of entertainment and escape.

59% are limiting where they go, 52% are constantly washing their hands and 52% are cancelling scheduled events.

75% say the crisis is making them rethink their priorities, but 68% say they are confident they can overcome the challenges that COVID-19 is causing them personally.


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