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The Rise of the DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids)

Working couples who haven't had children are dividing TikTok by bragging about their infant-free lifestyles which include splurging money on Costco shops, date nights and luxury vacations.

The term 'DINK' - which means 'dual income, no kids' - has gone viral on the video sharing app as more and more couples opt out of having babies.

The expression actually dates back to 1987 and was first coined by the Los Angeles Times - when researchers noted that stalling incomes were deterring would-be parents from starting families.

But it has been re-popularized by online influencers amidst red-hot inflation, high childcare costs and broader economic uncertainty.

Newly-wed Kate Anderton asked her 105,000 TikTok followers: 'Why is nobody talking about being DINKs?'

'Well I'm freshly married and I'm going to talk about. Here's a day in the life of DINKs in our early 30s.'

She proceeds to show a video of herself and her husband Brian shopping in wholesale store Costco - where they spent $252.88.

In other clips, the couple, from Minnesota, share a glimpse into their date nights - which include spending the evening in a hot tub and three course meals out of the home.

Anderton, who works as a wedding content creator, revealed that she earns more than her husband, adding in one comment he refers to her as his 'sugar mama.'

Together they are attempting to save $60,000 in their joint account as part of their plans to remodel a 'fixer-upper' property they bought several years ago.

But the couple - who say they are 'undecided' about whether to have children - have also been forced to defend themselves after being heavily trolled online for their lifestyle.

TikTok commenters questioned why the pair decided to get married if they did not plan on having children while others accused them of 'hating' infants.

Anderton explained in one video: 'We have friends with kids and we also have nephews and we love spending time with them, and of course spoiling them.'

In another video she wrote: 'No, we don't think we're special. We're just newlyweds undecided on having kids. No, we don't hate kids.'

TikTok star Hilary Bowles has similarly attracted a cult following by documenting her life as a 'DINK'.

Bowles shared one video of herself and her partner on holiday in Bora Bora, with the caption: 'In our married, travel the world, pre-kids, dual income era.'

In another post she shared a clip of herself opening a Chanel shopping bag in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was followed by dozens of clips of herself and her husband enjoying luxury vacations on boats, beaches and safari parks.

She wrote: 'You're 30, you should be having kids.'

The hashtag '#DINK' now has 205 million views on TikTok.

Other influencers have expanded the term to 'DINKWAD' - meaning 'dual income, no kids with a dog.'

Birth rates in America fell to record lows in the year 2020 amid ongoing distress over the Coronavirus pandemic.

Only 3.4 million babies were born, marking a 4 percent decline on the year before and the lowest number of children born since 1979.

A study by Pew Research Center in 2021 found that 44 percent of non-parents aged between 18 and 49 said they were not at all likely or not too likely to ever have children - up by 7 percent since 2018.

Couples cited financial concerns among their reasons for staving off the decision.

Since then birth rates have picked up slightly, by 0.9 percent in 2021 and by the same amount again in 2022.

But rising inflation and the cost of childcare - which underwent its largest annual increase since 1991 last year - is feared to put more and more couples off having babies.

Last week President Joe Biden signed an executive order to improve access to childcare.

'If you live in a major American city, you can pay more than $17,000 a year, as all of you know, per child for childcare in order to be able to go to work,' he said.

'For a lot of families, that’s more than you pay for your rent.'


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