Half of Millennials Have a 'Side Hustle'

One in two millennials has a “side hustle” in a bid to boost their cash or chase a long-held passion, new research reveals. From selling things online to making clothes and accessories or simply putting in a cleaning shift to get those extra dollars, 50 percent of the young Americans surveyed are currently grinding away outside of their main job in a bid to make things happen. The research of 1,000 millennials and 1,000 baby boomers conducted by GoDaddy, found that pursuing side gigs isn’t reserved for the young seeing as many as 24 percent of baby boomers also have a side hustle. The data showed the leading reason for people to have a side hustle is out of necessity for more money with boom

This Is How Much Marketers Know about You Based on One Facebook Like

A massive new peer-reviewed study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) last month indicates that psychographic targeting techniques are incredibly effective, and don’t require much knowledge about marketing to execute. Psychological persuasion starts by building a profile about you using public information available online, like your tweets, Facebook Likes, or Instagram photos. Previous research shows that people’s psychological characteristics can be accurately predicted from their digital footprints. The researchers conducted three field experiments that collectively reached 3.5 million individuals on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Networks, a

The Office Holiday Party Gets Toned Down Amid A National Conversation on Workplace Harrassment

There may be less booze and more daylight at your office holiday party this year. Some companies are rethinking their year-end celebrations amid a national conversation about sexual harassment. The end result? More lunch-hour parties instead of boozy nighttime affairs, and events with a more limited selection of alcohol. A few have even canceled parties this year, according to firms that track the celebrations. Chicago employment consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas said that 11 percent of the 150 companies it surveyed nationwide will not have a holiday party this year after throwing one in previous years. That’s more than double the number that skipped them last year. It’s also the

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