Are Baby Boomers Killing Facebook? Three Things Going Extinct

Baby boomers are the next generation on the verge of retiring now. Everyone blames millennials for the decline of beer, napkins and restaurant chains – but they're not the only generation with blood on their hands! We took a look at what the baby boomer generation is killing. 1. The Early Bird Special First on our list is the early bird special. As of late, baby boomers reject the idea of being "seniors", as those early bird specials make them feel old. Subsequently, many restaurants are losing the term "early bird" in favor of euphemisms like "sunset menu" or "twilight menu." Whatever you call it, it's still old people eating cheap food. 2. The Housing Market The second casualty on our li

United States Seeing Uptick in Diversity for Winter Olympics Team

The Winter Olympics is white, very much so, from the perfectly crisp sheet of snow covering the mountains around Pyeongchang to the racial make-up of the event itself. The power base of winter sports has always been in Europe, but in the United States, too, many of the sports featured on the Games program have been dominated by children of white families, many of them fairly wealthy. For the next two weeks of frosty fun in Pyeongchang, however, signs will point to change. Internationally, the Europeans still hold sway, with Norway expected to top the medal table and Germany not far behind. Within the U.S. team, though, diversity is significantly up, a situation that is neither accident nor a

'Black Panther' Pounces onto Marvel's Top Tier

Black superheroes have reached the screen before, but seeing the collective weight of Marvel/Disney thrown behind a blockbuster like "Black Panther" still feels like a cultural watershed, one that the movie exuberantly embraces. Boasting perhaps the strongest supporting characters yet among Marvel titles, director Ryan Coogler's visually dynamic film should transform a lesser-known comic-book hero into a household name. Although they hail from rival companies, there are several parallels to DC's best movie, "Wonder Woman," beyond an under-represented group belatedly receiving its super-heroic due. In both instances, the title character is presented in a stand-alone origin story, after having

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