YouTube Breakup Videos are Basically a Requirement Now. Here's Why.

Is there a right way to announce a breakup? On YouTube, there is. Like how celebrity couples release joint statements to the tabloid press when they break up, it's become somewhat of a requirement for popular YouTubers to announce the demise of their relationships in joint videos posted to their channels. The latest participants in the breakup video trend were the YouTube couple: Liza Koshy and David Dobrik. Liza, 22, and David, 21, built a content empire together over the last few years. Between their two main channels and two side channels, Liza and David collectively had more than 32 million subscribers — to put that into perspective, their total subscribers outnumber the population of Ha

What Blockchain Means for Marketers and Advertisers

Unless you’ve been traveling in outer space, you have heard of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Stories about cryptocurrency and blockchain, the technology that foments digital currencies (or tokens), dominate the news as newly minted millionaires seem to get younger every story. However, they are two separate entities when it comes to future applications. Certainly, cryptocurrency is disrupting the financial world in many ways. However, blockchain will massively impact how we do business, communicate and transact. Its capabilities reach beyond the financial sector and will change many industries, including law enforcement, healthcare, intellectual property rights to name a few. And soon marke

U.S. Pro Sports were Rainbow-Colored for Pride

It was a busy few days for LGBT Pride events across the nation this weekend and 14 teams from four pro sports took part in games and a parade. In Major League Baseball, the Blue Jays, Cubs, Reds, Red Sox, Rays, Dodgers and Athletics held Pride nights. The Red Sox kicked it off with their event Thursday, while the Cubs finished up Sunday. In Major League Soccer, the Columbus Crew, Chicago Fire and San Jose Earthquakes held their Pride nights, while the Philadelphia Union marched in that city’s Pride parade . In Portland, Timbers player Zarek Valentin wore a ribbon in his hair to raise money for LGBTQ youth groups. In the WNBA, the Los Angeles Sparks held their Pride night, while the NBA’s 76e

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