Millennials Kill Again. The Latest Victim? American Cheese

American cheese will never die. It has too many preservatives. But it’s melting away. One by one, America’s food outlets are abandoning the century-old American staple. In many cases, they’re replacing it with fancier cheeses. Wendy’s is offering asiago. A&W’s Canada locations switched to real cheddar. McDonald’s is selling the Big Mac’s soft, orange square of American cheese with a version that doesn’t contain artificial preservatives. Cracker Barrel ditched its old-fashioned grilled cheese. So did Panera Bread, replacing American with a four-cheese combo of fontina, cheddar, monteau and smoked gouda. The result: higher sales. American cheese is “an ingredient we’re looking to less and less

5 Instagram Marketing Trends We Will See in 2019

Instagram is one of the most important and most powerful marketing channels of our time. It is great for content marketing and paid advertising and, at the same time, for communication and customer service. It has the capacity to drive great engagement and better-than-average return on investment for a marketer, brand or agency. Instagram has been growing since it was first launched eight years ago. As we can see from the following graph shared with us by Statista , the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network reached a milestone of 1 billion monthly users in June. This is an impressive number and, when it comes to marketing, impressive numbers are great. It means that you have access

Democrats and Republicans can’t even use the same dating apps anymore

When David Goss, co-founder of, first started his dating site for supporters of President Donald Trump, he didn’t know how far it would go. But more than a year later, the country is more divided than ever, and the app is thriving. It has gained more than 52,000 members since Trump’s inauguration, according to Goss. “As mainstream websites go further left, their pool is becoming smaller,” Goss told MarketWatch in 2017. “It is sad to see we are furthering the divide, even in the dating world.” Another dating app, called DonaldDaters, was launched this month for “like minded supporters of President Trump.” “Many on the Left chose party over love stopping any date if the other

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