13 New Emojis Introduced To Represent People With Disabilities

Insert a "Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration" emoji here (🙌), because we are thrilled about the 13 newly approved emojis representing people with disabilities! The new characters include a hearing aid, a guide dog, a service dog, a mechanical arm, a mechanical leg, a person with a white cane, a person in a manual wheelchair, a person in a motorized wheelchair and a person signing the word "deaf." These accessibility-themed emojis are among the 59 new images released by the Unicode Consortium, which is the organization that standardizes the emoji characters offered by Apple, Google, Yahoo and more. According to Disability Scoop, Apple submitted a proposal for new emojis representing pe

Move over Gen Z, Generation Alpha is the one to Watch

Forget pleas for a puppy. Today's kids demand gadgets. "I'd rather have an iPad—better than a dog," says one pint-sized participant in a recent video on the role technology plays in the lives of children. The clip, produced by Hotwire, a global PR and integrated marketing agency, also depicts a toddler losing control when an adult tries to wrestle away her tablet. It's part of a larger study about Generation Alpha, the tech-savvy young children of millennials whose rising influence could soon make Gen Z an afterthought. These kids are marketing's newest power brokers. Barely out of diapers, they're already playing an outsize role in household buying decisions, even though the oldest among th

Company wants to help you 'brainwash' your spouse through targeted ads

Of course it's none of my business, but maybe things aren't going so great at home. Perhaps your love life just isn't what it used to be. Now I'm no psychologist, but my advice would be to talk; really open the lines of communication to work out any issues you might be experiencing in your relationship. But apparently that's not for everyone. If you just don't feel like talking, one company wants to help you "brainwash" your spouse with targeted ads, meant to change their minds. And Facebook's right there to help make it happen. Personal manipulation through adtech So let's say a husband is not happy that his wife no longer wants to take part in ... physical relations. So instead of talking

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