Harley-Davidson Buys StaCyc: From Baby Boomers To Toddlers

It's a Harley for your toddler! (And yes, that helmet is way too big!) When we all said that Harley Davidson needed to appeal to younger riders, this isn’t quite what we had in mind, but we’ll take it! KIDS LOVE BIKES! Harley Davidson has acquired StaCyc, Inc., a company that produces “stability cycles” more commonly known as “push bikes” for kids. They are electric-powered two-wheelers made just for kids called “EDRIVE.” Harley’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand, Heather Malenshek, says “We’re thrilled to have StaCyc become part of the Harley-Davidson family. The StaCyc team shares the same vision we have for building the next generation of riders globally and we believe that to

How Millennials and Gen Z are Reshaping the Future of the Workforce

Millennials and their younger "Gen Z" counterparts are used to facing sweeping criticism over their commitment to the workplace. Brandished the work-shy generation of "snowflake" tendencies, Millennials are said to expect too much freedom of their employers, and yet 84 percent report to experiencing burnout from their excessive workloads. However, the post-1980s cohort of employees is actually inspiring meaningful ideas that will change the future of work as we know it. That's according to a new study from human resources research firm Inavero and freelancing website Upwork, which has highlighted four major ways in which the youngest members of the workforce are setting in motion fundamental

Why Behavioral Advertising Should Be Illegal

In the 1950s, moviegoers were unknowingly subjected to a new advertising technique -- subliminal advertising. A psychologist named James Vicary wanted to see if he could change behavior by slipping messages into a movie without viewers being consciously aware of them. Messages like "Drink Coca-Cola" or "Buy Popcorn." The results are scientifically disputed. There is evidence that the messages worked but not all the time. Still, some governments attempted to ban the practice by passing legislation to outlaw it for this reason: Psychological manipulation, known as brainwashing at the time, was akin to the authoritarian regime depicted in George Orwell's 1984. In the name of freedom and democra

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