Thando Hopa Makes History as she Graces Vogue Cover

Thando Hopa is flying the South African flag higher as she graces the April cover of Vogue Portugal. The international model, lawyer and activist makes history as she becomes the first woman with albinism to grace the cover of Vogue. Revealing on their Twitter account, the April issue dubbed, Africa Motherland, is "dedicated to origins and Africa, as the cradle of humanity". Hopa also shared the exciting news and admits this is a dream come true. Taking to her IG account, she wrote: "I once said to a close friend that it would really be lovely to see a woman with albinism on a Vogue Cover, I would not have imagined that that woman would be me. "We are the ones we've been waiting for." I'm e

America’s ‘most loved’ brands are…

Six retail companies rank among the top 25 most loved brands in America. Online giant Amazon took the top spot in Morning Consult’s America’s Most Loved Brands 2019, a ranking of consumers’ favorite brands determined by 400,000-plus survey interviews with U.S. adults 18. Rounding out the top five: Google, Netflix, UPS and The Home Depot. The other retailers that made the cut were Dollar Tree (#9), Lowes (#11), Target (#15), Walmart (#18) and Walgreens (#20). The ranking also included three fast-casual brands: Subway (#19, Dairy Queen #22) and Chick-Fil-A (#24). (The full listing is at end of article.) The ranking is based on four survey metrics: brand favorability, trust, community impact, a

America’s Biggest Economic Challenge May Be Demographic Decline

For many years, American economists have spoken of Japan and Western Europe as places where the slow grind of demographic change — masses of workers reaching retirement age, and smaller generations replacing them — has been a major drag on the economy. But it is increasingly outdated to think of that as a problem for other countries. The deepest challenge for the United States economy may really be about demographics. And our understanding of the implications is only starting to catch up. A new report from the Economic Innovation Group, a Washington think tank funded in large part by tech investors and entrepreneurs, adds rich new detail, showing that parts of the United States are already g

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