Blame Your Inner Child for Your Brand Affinities

Ever wonder what makes you reach for, say, Hellmann’s instead of Heinz? Or French’s instead of Grey Poupon? Your predilections may be less about actual quality, flavor, nutritional content, or even current advertising than you’d think. A group of consumer experts posited that the real reason you prefer certain brands is likely the advertising you saw when you were a child. To see whether kid-oriented ads left a lasting impression on those same kids once they were adults, Paul M. Connell, Merrie Brucks, and Jesper H. Nielsen conducted four studies. First, they tested their suspicion that the buying decisions of adults are skewed by advertising they saw before they turned thirteen. They asked

This Restaurant is Starting a Monthly 'Dementia Friendly' Night

David Nisbet’s father died of dementia this summer, and he wanted to do something to honor his dad and also help other families cope with the sadness of watching a loved one’s memory slip away. Nisbet, 58, who helped care for his father, Dinsmore Nisbet, knew how challenging it can be to take a person with dementia out in public, especially for a meal. He had done it plenty of times, but he would brace himself, fearful his father might have an outburst, and he would sometimes feel sidelong glances from other customers. He wished there was a place nearby to hold a “dementia night” so memory loss patients and their caregivers could know they were welcome. Nisbet, who manages four quick-service

Millennials are the Lonliest Generation

The social media generation is the one that feels the most alone. New data from YouGov finds that Millennials report feeling lonely much more often than their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts. While 30 percent of Millennials say they always or often feel lonely, just one in five (20%) members of Generation X says the same. Even fewer Baby Boomers (15%) report feeling lonely with the same frequency. Millennials are also more likely than older generations to report that they have no acquaintances (25% of Millennials say this is the case), no friends (22%), no close friends (27%), and no best friends (30%). However, a majority (70%) of Millennials do report that they have at least one best fr

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