If you're in a diverse team, you know employee differences can cause miscommunication, lower trust, and hurt productivity. . .
It doesn't have to be this way

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Kelly McDonald Author Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You

I recently attended a conference in Dallas where the author, Ms. McDonald was a featured speaker. After her presentation, I enjoyed a visit with her which resulted in my wisely purchasing this book. There have been countless books over many years detailing new, innovative ways to reinvent the customer service and customer benefit experience. This book is unique as it draws the reader to recognize and appreciate how involved the science of branding and enhancing the quality of the customer experience is. This book isn't about using a person's name 14 times in one paragraph because "people love the sound of their own name." This book is about evolving from customer service conventions and analyzing what is important to individuals' needs. The book makes the relevance of and the need for data mining and demographic targeting interesting, fun, and beneficial to anyone who is interested in growing a business or simply conveying a thought effectively.

My daughter heard the author speak at at convention and bought me the book for my birthday. I wondered how a book could have something new on customer service/experience, but it did. It's an easy read and it's practical. I've bought additional copies for some associates at our company.

Great topic and pertinent to today's business environment. I met the author in 2013 and had the pleasure of hearing her speak. The topic is applicable and in my opinion a must read. WE all forget that everyone is not like us. WE all have a particular style and vision as to how you wish to be treated. I recommend your customer engagement personnel read this book and perhaps your office personnel too. Regardless of your age and or race you can obtain greater knowledge as to how other generations and cultures wish to be treated and what would help you sell more business.

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Kelly McDonald How to Market to People Not Like You

After attending one of Kelly's seminars- everything she mentioned -was so true to life that I had to get this book.. The book hit home in answering so many managerial issues I was personally having with staff members and couldn't figure out why.. This book gave me the power of understanding age differentials in staff members- their needs - and finally gave me the tools I needed to refocus my staff as well as myself.. A must for any manger to read and to add too their credit..MDB

I had the honor to speak with Kelly McDonald in person, the author of that fabulous book. I must say that I am pretty blown away. Kelly knows her subject inside outside. This book provides you with an exact blue print on how to grow your business by start paying attention to people beyond your current core customer group. It's a must read for two groups of people: (1) entrepreneurs who seek out to grow their business and (2) marketers simply feel stuck.
If I needed to recommend one marketing book, it would be this one.

When I first started reading this book, it was because I had to for my International Marketing class. However, after I got a bit further, I realized that this was in fact a book I needed to read if I intended to become a Marketing professional. This book is relatable on so many levels, and it helps to convey complex strategies in an understandable format.

As the world changes daily, I feel that the way we learn to connect to this changing world should adapt as well. McDonald taps into the very diverse nature of our society and relates it with Marketing so that any individual seeking to grow their business will be able to do so without compromising core values or focus. Also by using real world examples, McDonald is able to reinforce how her theories align with success in Marketing today.

I am definitely a believer and will be following this movement!

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