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Kelly McDonald Speaker


In addition to professional speaking, Kelly and her team take on a few select consulting assignments each year.   These can range from short, specific projects spanning just a few weeks to contracts where Kelly is working closely with a client for  six months to a year. 

Kelly is usually engaged to help corporate and association clients with research and developing marketing strategies and tactics to leverage high-potential business.  Staff and associate training  is often a key component of launching a new initiative successfully by making sure everyone understands why the company is doing what they’re doing, having the chance to ask questions and pose “what ifs”, aligning resources and motivating and exciting sales forces.

Some of the services and projects we provide include:


  • Executive speech writing

  • Media training 

Ensuring executives are trained and prepared for media

coverage and talking with the media, conducting press

conferences, handling disaster situations correctly and more

  • Operational readiness assessments

Making sure your business is “operationally-ready” and

“operationally-friendly” at every consumer touchpoint ensures

that the consumer is met with an experience that matches the

invitation and promise

  • Focus groups (internal and / or external)

  • Research (qualitative and quantitative)

  • Staff training & development, including corporate keynotes and kickoff 


  • Market & SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

  • Strategic platform development

  • Analysis and development of customer experiences to grow business


We help clients see their business through new eyes and we make specific, realistic recommendations that improve operations and customer handling.

For more information about consulting services, contact Kelly McDonald at or 214-880-1717.

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